So After about 3 years, here I AM!! This right here takes the Procrastination Trophy in my life… 3 years later, Is when I am actually posting!! Warisdis!??? Anyway, I purposed to take the reins back concerning my life with all that I planned/purposed to do, and this is one of them. wululu!!! (Insert celebratory dance move of choice)

See quite a couple of times I had people tell me, ‘You need to start a blog.’ ‘You write quite interestingly.’ ‘what is the link to your blog?’ Am like – Wide eyed! My thoughts, It mainly works for celebrities, Intending celebrities and the like. As in they have people that want to be in their business and know what is going on all around and in them… I have no plan of being in that particular direction. I, Kesiime, usually have some sense of privacy even with my writing and was comfortable with posting my random things on FaceBook not Twitter, FaceBook! and only a year ago, did I get comfortable with Insta.  I did not have the comfort to just have a following that I had to let in on my life. Facebook was doing above and beyond – in my eyes. LOL! Well, Here is ME… Twist to it, is this time, It is assignment based hehehe. I have no way out. Otherwise, I could have put it aside again… (wink) and my trophy winner, would be ready to take it home – again! He always is, but not this time!!

So I have always loved writing especially about actual events in my life… I can be quite elaborate till I have actual imagery playing out in your mind so take a seat in the 5D section of my little brain as we do the life journey together. I write quite a bit to self, been writing emails to my now 2 year old daughter. I believe its one of the reasons I stopped writing or had no interest in writing on any social media platform. I was secretly getting my fix on the other side like a junkie! wink wink

And now, Here We Are! Full blown! To my friend, who once told me during church, ‘Do you not have Data anymore or is OTT the problem?’ ‘Tell me where the kizibu (problem) is, and I will sort you out.’ – Husky. I laughed and said, I would be back. Pssst… with no plan to! But YESSSS I Have Arrived, In the Parking and here to stay. Lets Do This!!!




How much more YOU??!

As I write this, my inner spirit is really low and that’s okay because I plan on lifting it up as I write along… I will not allow to stay in this particular bubble any longer. I will not spend the rest of my day like this!

Many of you must have read the verse or heard this somewhere quite a number of times… to paraphrase; Ask and you will receive… If you can give good gifts to your children, how much more will God give you? Allow me take this a little deeper if I may…

Before I became a mother, that verse was yaa ya ya, he truly cares for me. If he can feed birds, then surely he can feed me too. If he can take care of them during the rain and thunderstorms mmh… Have you ever really thought through it? When it is a heavy down pour with thunder and lightning making you hide at home under blankets with doubly shut windows and doors for safety and warmth, the birds are in it. In the trees or bushes that are being blown by the angry winds but HE takes care of them. Actually while you look for shelter from the rain, their feathers are what keeps them warm…Of God in his infinite wisdom actually created them that way. How much more will he take care of you who was created in his own image? He has to take care of you, Right! The reality and depth of it dawned on me recently.

I have been nurturing my munchkin for the past two and a half years but recently I decided I could take her for playgroup. Now she needed her own bag, like a school bag – she is past the baby bag carry along. Every time I drove out with her, I had this ‘school’ bag on my mind. I am not looking for any ‘school’ bag, no please. I need a small cute pink or red bag with Mickey Mouse on it because I know she would love it. One thing I need you to notice first of all is that she has not asked for it but as her mother, I know, she needs it and would be excited to have it. One day as I drove home, I saw this place with bags… fitted my description. I turned off abruptly to check them out. Yes it was pink, yes it was little enough for her and yes it had Mickey Mouse but guess what, the quality was for using for maybe a term and I would have to look for another one. Not what I want to do, so I left it. But as drove away…something tagged on my spirit, you want the best for her, and I want the best for you too. How much more do you think I want for you? I smiled… my thoughts came to life in that moment.

You see, I know my daughter needs a little bag. She has not asked for it but am looking out for it for her. Even without her asking, I want the best quality in a particular colour, size and character specifications. When I get to travel and go shopping nowadays, three quarters the time, I am in the kids section looking out for things for her. Not for me, for her! Of I have to be reminded to pick something for myself. Does she know about all this? Not at all. Has she been a good girl every day since the year began that she now deserves it? Not really but I am still going to get this little bag and more for her. Do you get where I am going??

Exactly! Perhaps our God thinks of us even more! We are on his mind daily! He knows our every need, to the tee! Before we even ask he knows it ALL. Of he recognizes our heart’s desires and gives generously without finding fault. Whether you have sinned and fallen short or not, HE is out there preparing the best job for you because he knows where you will be happy and flourish. HE is probably building that house to your exact kind of specifications without your knowledge. You may not have even dared to ask him to, but he is doing just that. Because HE loves you and wants his children to be happy. Just like me for my daughter. (There is no parent that wants unhappy children!!) Of you could be living your life fwaaaa but HE is there working night and day on your wife or husband… panel beating aka habit here or there. Preparing them for the fire ball that you are hahaha. What am I saying? HE loves us that graciously.

Noooww all that above may relate better for the one who may not know what his word says… Now you who knows what Matt 7: 8 -11 says??? hehehe

 8For everyone who asks receives; the one who seeks finds; and to the one who knocks, the door will be opened.

“Which of you, if your son asks for bread, will give him a stone? 10 Or if he asks for a fish, will give him a snake? 11 If you, then, though you are evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your Father in heaven give good gifts to those who ask him!

Aaah ah as in, all we have to do is ask! Just ask! Just ASK and you will receive. By the way, he does not choose who is allowed to ask, HE said, EVERYONE who asks receives… not some but EVERYONE! Additionally, kindly note; this is not Paul or Moses or whichever disciple giving reported speech…Not at all, it is Jesus himself saying, ‘ASK and you will RECEIVE‘ In his nice self, he did not even say he will choose who will receive depending on whether they have been good or bad children, ( kyoka Father Christmas chooses hehe) .

He goes on to say, “Which of you, if your son asks for bread, will give him a stone?” – Please insert memory of how eager or excited you are to give a gift to a loved one or your child especially when you know that is what they asked for that seemed impossible. Now, also please know that He is more excited to see your happiness and receive your thanksgiving when he gives you your heart’s desires.

…. “If you, then, though you are evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your Father in heaven give good gifts to those who ask him?” With all your ‘bad manners’ hehehe, you still give good gifts to you children. Good quality, particular colour and specifications etc HOW MUCH MORE will our father in heaven give TO YOU WHO ASKS?? If he can take care of the birds in the air, HOW MUCH MORE YOU??